2016 Music School – Sunday 26 June until Sunday 3 July

  •  26 June 2016 - 3 July 2016
     8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Note: Registrations have now closed.


Read the following before completing the form.

  • There will be no billeting of students this year
  • One person per registration form. If you are registering multiple students, please complete separate forms.
  • Due to up-front costs in running the Music School no refund in fees will be issued once paid.
  • Please Contact administrators if student cannot make allocated enrolment times
  • Contact number on enrolment day 0419 579 180 or admin@wbgmusicschool.com

Enrolling in specific subjects

I understand that if I wish to enrol in the following subjects then I require Grade 5 theory as a prerequisite. A maximum of two will be offered in any given year. Exact subjects depends on numbers and staffing.

  • Grade 6 Music Theory
  • Arranging/Composition (minimum Grade 5 Theory prerequisite)
  • Conducting
  • Aural

Percussionists only

A Feature of the WBG Music School each year is the provision of specialised percussion tuition.  Time is allocated every day to develop students’ reading skills and techniques on tuned and un tuned percussion.

In order for the school to best cater for increasing enrolment levels, all students are expected to bring their own instruments, sticks and mallets. Please note that a drum pad, snare drum (or kit) and a tuned percussion instrument (for melodic training) are the minimum requirement.

Please ensure that all of your equipment is clearly labelled with your name.

The following criteria must be met to enrol as a percussion student

  • Must be 10 years and above of age
  • Must have basic reading and writing skills
  • Must play percussion in a band
  • May be required to bring a drum kit to the Music School
  • Must have at least 2 pairs of drum sticks
  • Must bring a music stand
  • Must bring a set of ear plugs
  • A basic student model glockenspiel (with appropriate mallets) would be suitable for the tuned percussion component of the course.
  • Please ensure that all of your equipment is clearly labelled with your name.

Please contact the School to enrol on admin@wbgmusicschool.com


Phoenix P-12 Community College, Hertford Street, Sebastopol, Victoria, 3356, Australia